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Kerridge Commercial Systems unveils new green innovations in rental software for sustainability and profit

Kerridge Commercial Systems unveils new green innovations in rental software for sustainability and profit (2)

Passionate about helping their customers see sustainability and profitability go hand-in-hand, the market-leading software provider, Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), has developed a range of new features for the latest versions of the inspHire Office product.

The push towards net-zero carbon emissions means that all industries now face growing political and financial pressures to protect our environment for future generations. Rolled out across the updates 481, 482, and 483 respectively, these green features developed by the KCS Rental team help the company and their customers be part of the solution while they make cost saving efficiencies to their business.


"inspHire Office is our rental management software solution that serves as the ultimate digital tool for medium-to-large hire companies." explains Product Strategist, Mark Taylor, from KCS Rental’s Nottingham headquarters. "Containing a wealth of modules and features, the latest version of inspHire Office streamlines all aspects of your business for seamless operations and maximum efficiency so you can continue to reduce your carbon footprint while trading profitably."

The latest exciting features, released across updates 481, 482, and 483, are described below:


Streamlined equipment location with what3words (w3w) integration:


In the fast-paced world of equipment rental, efficient asset location is a constant challenge, especially on large and complex sites. inspHire Office’s integration with what3words is a game-changer, offering a simple and time-saving solution to this age-old problem.


"This is not just a logistical improvement," says Mark, "it also gives our customers a practical and meaningful step towards reducing their carbon footprint."

This technology streamlines location finding to a precise three-by-three-meter square, eliminating the need for drivers to use complex coordinates when collecting equipment. The result is faster asset location, reduced downtime, and significantly lower fuel consumption.


The digital-first approach in user experience: 


The award-winning rental software from KCS Rental is also revolutionising the user experience by focusing on the environment and customers’ bottom line. That’s why the latest versions of inspHire Office have taken care to adjust the user’s experience and make digital document sharing the cornerstone of their daily interaction.


Replacing the ‘print’ button, the 'send as PDF' option is a subtle yet impactful move towards sustainability. It discourages unnecessary printing and promotes digital communication, which saves paper and fosters a culture of environmental responsibility while reducing operational costs.


Carbon emission tracking at your fingertips:


Understanding your carbon impact is the first step towards reducing it. KCS's CO2 emissions reporting function is a sophisticated tool designed to provide detailed insights into the carbon footprint of each job.


This feature allows customers in busy rental hubs to track, monitor, and reduce their carbon emissions, aligning their operations towards net-zero reduction year on year. ‘Making such detailed information so accessible isn’t just informative,’ says Mark. ‘As the net-zero targets draw closer for rental industries across the board, our customers find having such information at their fingertips empowering.’


✔ Promoting sustainable choices with intelligent categorisation:


Finally, inspHire Office has taken sustainable decision-making to the next level with its innovative tagging system. Essentially, any low-carbon equipment can be identified on the system with a green leaf icon.


Easily visible at-a-glance, the green leaf icon prioritises low-carbon equipment for sites already identified as ‘green’. Therefore, choosing eco-friendly options for green sites is effortless. It encourages environmentally responsible choices and strengthens the bond between rental companies and clients who value sustainability.


✔ In summary


In essence, inspHire Office’s latest updates are more than features; they are your allies in the journey towards a sustainable future. By choosing KCS, you're not just optimising your operations; you're aligning your business with the crucial goal of achieving net zero. 


Want to know more? Click here to arrange a free, no-obligation demo today. Let's move towards a greener, brighter, and safer tomorrow together. ♻️🌍

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