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The Circular Economy: What does this mean to Aerial Platforms?

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Hopefully, you're now aware of the circular economy and what this means for your rental business. 

But just in case you're not - essentially equipment should be built to last, reused and refurbished to increase its lifespan, and recycled rather than wasted. 

So what does this mean? It means that now is the time to take advantage of rental software and implement initiatives that reduce waste, save costs, and increase productivity. From ensuring your equipment is fully compliant to reducing material usage - discover how you can drive efficiencies by becoming more green and clean!

But how can this be achieved? We spoke with Aerial Platforms to find out!

Aerial Platforms is a well-known provider of powered access solutions to multiple sectors across the UK - as well as being industry leaders in safety and innovation. Jason Seddon, Owner of Aerial Platforms, spoke with us and provided insight into how the rental industry can not only benefit, but thrive, through a circular economy partnered with the effective use of their rental software: inspHire! 

The Circular Economy

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9 cloud software benefits for rental businesses

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Back in January, 2020 was already being hailed as the year the majority of workloads move to the cloud. Fast-forward to September and flexible working has swiftly become the new norm - and is powered by cloud software. Here's our round-up of the top 9 cloud benefits you and your rental business can't live without in 2020.

1. Automatic updates

Say goodbye to manual upgrades, and hello to automatic updates! Working with software in the cloud ensures your system is always up-to-date. With a low maintenance software solution, save yourself time and keep your rental software secure with hassle-free updates which are rolled out periodically! 

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Rental resilience: 3 things to know about the circular economy


COVID-19 has presented one of the most staggering economic challenges in memory. As markets around the world begin to pick up pace at varying speeds, how can rental businesses across the globe ensure business sustainability? The answer is circular, and here are the 3 things rental businesses need to know now about the concept of a circular economy:

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Kerridge Commercial Systems acquires Unit4 Wholesale

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Kerridge Commercial Systems acquires Infomat

April 2020 - Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), a leading provider of ERP software, services and support solutions for wholesale, distribution, rental and installation customers worldwide, has today announced its acquisition of Infomat.

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4 Ways Sales Analysis Can Drive Growth For Hire Businesses

Sales Analysis Infographic

Driving business growth is a top priority for CEO's across hire businesses all over the world; Mckinsey reports that businesses that get analytics and digital right can drive 5 to 10 percent revenue growth within a few months.

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Vertikal Days 2019, Raising the Industry Standard

Vertikal days 2019


Each year Vertikal Days is a pleasure to attend, and this year was no different. A record number of visitors made their way to Donington Park, Leicestershire, to view the Access & Lifting industry’s latest innovation and there was certainly a great deal to see. A major enticing aspect of Vertikal Days is that exhibitors are permitted to perform live demonstrations of their machinery, offering a unique visitor experience. This resulted in some of the biggest names in the industry, eager to show their new equipment in action.

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Kerridge CS Acquires MAM Software Group

MAM Software Group, Inc. Agrees to be Acquired by Kerridge Commercial Systems for $12.12 per Share in Cash

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inspHire Strengthens Position in Australian Market

We are thrilled to announce that we have acquired the inspHire rental software business from our reseller Elev8 Australia Pty Ltd, providing fantastic opportunities to strengthen our presence in the Australian rental market. While we will continue to operate with the same great people, the acquisition will add value to our customers, our new employees and our investors. We have offered award-winning hire software through the local reseller for the last 12 years and now plan to service customers directly, aligning the customer experience and growing market share. However, for the time being it’s business as usual.

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5 key benefits of telematics for rental businesses

Telematics Devices

Over recent years, telematics has gained increasing popularity amongst rental businesses and has taken the industry by storm. But what is telematics and how can it benefit the rental industry? Formed by the words ‘Telecommunication’ and ‘Informatics’, telematics consists of a wide range of technologies, used together to monitor, transmit and receive fleet related behaviours such as longitude, latitude, machine health, battery life, meter readings, hours of operation and job site safety.

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