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Customer Success Story: Marine Offshore Designers

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Based in the UK, Marine Offshore Designers are the experts when it comes to positioning operations in the offshore energy and renewable sectors. Many leading companies in these industries rely on MOD's service to accurately move and position assets across Europe with complete peace of mind.

MOD was founded by a team of experienced professionals who saw the need for a smaller specialist operation in the industry that was dominated by big players. Located in Great Yarmouth (UK), MOD was established in 1985 to complete in the field of rig moves. Fast forward to today, MOD have since opened another depot in Aberdeen, increased numbers of the team and expanded their services. We recently spoke with Graham Lambert, Engineering Manager @ MOD to discuss their success story in more detail and how inspHire Office Edition has supported their impressive growth over the years, as well as day-to-day operations. 

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A passion to deliver the best possible rig positioning service

MOD cover a wide range of offshore survey services, but it is in rig positioning where their expertise lies. Having gained that expertise over the duration of their business journey, MOD's team have a depth of knowledge that secures a seamless service, all while utilising cutting-edge technology to ensure they provide continuous, accurate and reliable positioning information wherever required. But, how does inspHire Office support this niche operation? 

"We have been a customer of inspHire since 2012 after realising we needed a system due to having outdated processes that included excel spreadsheets! We trialled a few solutions, but inspHire was very quickly favoured. This was because of the ISO accreditation and equipment tracking. However, over the years, we have optimised our inspHire usage, utilising the system to build equipment histories up via the workshop module. In more recent years, we have also started to keep an audit of training records in the system - this is really useful for an industry where health and safety is the most important factor." - Graham Lambert

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Going the extra mile to offer the complete all-in-one package

Back in 1985, MOD took the opportunity to specialise in rig moving where there was little competition and have since expanded their service offerings massively. Within their portfolio, MOD offers extensive survey services, that includes developing advanced systems and software to make rig position simple for their customers.

"Within this industry, you often see a lot of companies come and go. We have gone the extra mile in expanding our services and expertise; we're one of the select few who hire out operators and equipment, as well as being specialists in surveying software - hence why we've been around as long as we have, continuous development is key. Not only that, but we have a really strong team that are more than just colleagues and are genuine friends. Therefore, we offer a family approach to all our customers across the globe and develop relationships, leading to customer retention and referrals. MOD's biggest advantage is our commitment to providing the best service, this includes taking pride in what we do, but also establishing good working relationships." - Graham Lambert

MOD also provide in-house CAD design and planning services; creating drawings and background data to facilitate successful positioning and survey operations - even in the event where MOD are not involved as the positioning contractor. In addition to this, they work closely with a number of partners to offer comprehensive marine services which includes rig moving, offshore brokerage, marine consultancy, marine assurance and equipment rental.


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A big thank you to Graham Lambert at MOD for sharing their success story with inspHire. If you would like to find out more about MOD and their impressive range of rig positioning and surveying services, you can visit their website here.

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