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Looking for a straightforward rental solution? Check out our OnRent Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

No two rental businesses are the same, which is why OnRent has been built with flexibility at its very core. Whether you're working from home, in the office, or out on-site, having a rental system that allows you access to your business data from anywhere is vital. Are you looking for a rental solution that is simple to set-up and simple to use? We spoke with the rental experts at inspHire and they shared their top OnRent tips and tricks that offer complete flexibility for small to medium rental businesses ready for growth.

Flexible Rental Order Item Control

OnRent has been designed from the ground up with flexibility in mind. Did you put something out on rent accidentally? In the real world, we know situations change rapidly. If you do make a mistake and put an item on rent accidentally and need to revert to the previous stage, it’s easier than ever. Simply find the order item, choose “Revert” from the actions menu and you’re good to go. 

If you marked something as collected too soon, no problem, just find the collection movement and cancel it from the actions menu for individual order items, or cancel the entire collection movement to roll the whole lot back a step.

Simple Invoice Management

When OnRent carries out an invoice run to create multiple invoices or when you create a single invoice, these are first created at 'Draft' stage within a batch. This is so you can preview them before the actual invoice number is assigned to them and they’re sent to your customers.

It might be that there is an issue with a draft invoice and you need to make a correction or one has been raised in error. You can easily roll back a single invoice, or you can delete the whole batch with multiple invoices. After doing this, you can perform another invoice run and the new invoice drafts will get created and the charges are re-calculated. When you are happy with the drafts they can be confirmed and a real invoice is created. Job done!

Using OnRent for Drivers or Operatives

Did you know that OnRent has a mode that is designed with Drivers or Transport operatives in mind? There is a pre-configured role for this purpose. This allows the drivers to see only the jobs they have to deliver and collect, which they can then get digital signatures for, including photographs, they can even send a PDF copy of the signed document to the customer.

Daily Digest

Sometimes with the best will in the world, we all forget about what we need to action on a daily basis. Without even having to log in to OnRent you can setup a handy Daily Digest email that will remind you and your users every morning of what tasks need to be carried out – you can click on the task list in the e-mail and be taken directly to the page in OnRent to complete them.

Customisable Dashboard & Custom Views

The first thing you see in your OnRent system is your dashboard. From active orders all the way through to unavailable items, your dashboard is a quick and instant snapshot of all activity going on in your rental business at that present moment. Do you have multiple users that manage different areas of your business? No problem! OnRent dashboards offer complete flexibility. You can even use the dashboards to create your own workflow that is unique to your business.

From displaying all open quotes through to what deliveries and collections are due that coming week, custom views can be used throughout your entire system, and are extremely useful – these enable you to add certain fields to the view that aren’t usually shown. You can filter using specific criteria and then drill-down even further into your data. Custom views can also be permanently added to your dashboards and daily digest if you need easy access to this information.

Google Maps Integration

When creating an order in OnRent, your system can store the places you visit regularly such as customer sites, depots and more. You can also can take advantage of OnRent’s Google Maps integration that will automatically pull through the delivery address. This integration save time when users need to validate correct address details – it also enables you to easily plan the route, as well as allowing you to calculate delivery charges based on the mileage. All address links open Google maps so you can see precisely where you are delivery or collecting your rental items.

Stock View  

Commit to rental & sales orders without hesitation with instant visibility of your asset & sales stock availability. OnRent’s stock views enables you to see your product availability in real-time, either across a range of product groups or a singular asset or stock item – and immediately see the status of the item, whether that be available, allocated to job, on-rent, has maintenance due or in repair. 


You might decide you want to suspend contracts or stop customers being charged over certain periods. In the event of a machine breakdown, you can apply suspensions to an individual item, or during national holidays and site shutdowns. They can be applied to one or many items on contracts, or to all customer contracts as a whole.


This is your perfect opportunity to take advantage of a fully online rental software solution that you can access wherever you go. Whether you’re creating a quote on-site with your customer or carrying out a service when in the yard with your equipment - OnRent allows you to take all of your key rental information with you on the road, completely tailored to your way of working. Not ready for a trial? Book your free OnRent demo with one of our rental experts.


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