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Supporting Oil & Gas Rental Management

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Tailored to meet the needs of the Oil and Gas Sector, inspHire’s equipment rental software is designed to help companies increase their productivity and help them to compete in today’s highly competitive global market. See below just some of the comprehensive features inspHire has to offer rental companies within this sector:



Equipment Management

Giving you greater global visibility of your assets equipment availability, projects and costs, all from one centralised system. inspHire allows you to maximise utilisation, giving you the speed, accuracy and transparency that your business needs.

Equipment Screen

Project mapping



Project Based Processing

Streamline the management of large jobs by consolidating multiple orders for one or more clients into a single project, simplifying the stock management process and allowing the seamless transfer of equipment as it moves from project vessel or rig.

Service and Maintenance

Having a clear outline of scheduled maintenance and out-of-service equipment gives you the ability to better serve your customers. With fully integrated Workshop functionality, inspHire allows users to easily book items in and out of service and repair, allowing you to batch test your equipment and ensure they are legally compliant at all times. Access this important information on the move and immediately make equipment unavailable and ready for repair with inspHire Mobile helping maximise utilisation.

Service and maintenance

Billing and costing


Billing, Costing and Kit Charging

Simplifying the billing process is a key aspect of why inspHire is so popular with Oil and Gas rental companies across the globe. Our simple to use drag and drop billing planner allows users to enter periods of Transit and Standby against a contract long after the equipment has moved onto another job. Essential when having to wait weeks for an asset utilisation sheet from one of your own clients.



Business Intelligence Dashboards

Complementary products for the oil and gas market include inspHire's BI Suite. See clearly how your business is performing with its simple graphical format and real time information, inspHire's system leads the way in providing Rental Management Intelligence for global operations.

Business intelligence dashboards

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