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The Circular Economy: What does this mean to Aerial Platforms?

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Hopefully, you're now aware of the circular economy and what this means for your rental business. 

But just in case you're not - essentially equipment should be built to last, reused and refurbished to increase its lifespan, and recycled rather than wasted. 

So what does this mean? It means that now is the time to take advantage of rental software and implement initiatives that reduce waste, save costs, and increase productivity. From ensuring your equipment is fully compliant to reducing material usage - discover how you can drive efficiencies by becoming more green and clean!

But how can this be achieved? We spoke with Aerial Platforms to find out!

Aerial Platforms is a well-known provider of powered access solutions to multiple sectors across the UK - as well as being industry leaders in safety and innovation. Jason Seddon, Owner of Aerial Platforms, spoke with us and provided insight into how the rental industry can not only benefit, but thrive, through a circular economy partnered with the effective use of their rental software: inspHire! 

The Circular Economy

How can sustainable initiatives help your business not only survive, but also thrive, amidst the current economic challenges?  

"Sustainable initiatives have helped us to grow as a business. We’ve gone fully paperless thanks to inspHire which has drastically reduced the amount of paper and ink we use, helping to reduce our carbon footprint. This has also helped amid COVID-19 as it has enabled us to continue working throughout without the risk of transmission via paper documents."

Deliver a solution, not a machine! Use data insights to drive-long term profitable customer relationships
Be proactive! Expand your system usage through our API to serve your customers better. With equipment telematics, real-time notifications and text messaging - the inspHire API allows you to connect with customers like never before. 

The Circular Economy (1)

How is the rental industry recycling their equipment through a circular economy?

"At Aerial Platforms, we make sure to recycle many of our materials, such as machine oils, hydraulic oils, tyres, batteries, and much more. We also ensure that we adhere to the 14001 ISO standard. When resubmitting our batteries, we always make sure to remove the lead beforehand, however, we are working towards a transition to utilising gel batteries, to become even more green! As for tyres, they are sent back to our original supplier, who recycle the materials down to rubber and plastic beads for reuse purposes."

Eat, sleep, recycle, repeat! ♻️

Like Aerial Platforms, you too can manage how you recycle your equipment. With inspHire's tools at your disposal, easily add recycled parts onto new equipment, as well as assign workshop jobs to third-parties for repair.


How do you use inspHire to ensure your equipment is well maintained, fully tested and compliant for the end customer?  

"We all use the inspHire Mobile (Android) application to manage the whole rental life cycle from PDI (pre-delivery inspection) to delivery through to LOLER examinations. These solutions help our team stay safe and our equipment compliant when delivering country-wide, as well as reducing the use of materials, such as paper."

The Circular Economy (2)

What does the Circular Economy mean for you and your business?  

"It helps develop and guide our business strategies all whilst being effective at the same time. The Circular Economy is very important to Aerial Platforms as it continues to minimise our impact on the environment."

So, what's the next step for your rental business? 

Reduce emissions by swapping out fuel for electricity
Do you hire out electric plant vehicles? If you do - you can create the relevant charges through our inspHire mobile application if not returned fully charged. If you don't - discover how you can reduce emissions, as well as the other benefits by operating Hybrid electrical plant vehicles: read Aerial Platform's blog!

Ditch the paperwork, digitise your processes!
Manage the entire rental cycle from your mobile device. Capture signatures, easily off-hire equipment and provide your customer with a collection note via email, instantly. Not only are you reducing your material usage, but introducing more efficient rental processes - resulting in increased staff productivity! 

Begin the shift to a circular economy today

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