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Is your business at risk of being hacked? Discover how inspHire can help prevent it ☁️

Six benefits inspHire Hosting brings your rental business

Ransomware attacks increased by almost a third between 2020 and 2021 and jumped by 75% in Q4 2021 compared to the previous three months. How can inspHire help to protect your business? Simple, move your inspHire system to a cloud environment to enable top-level security. Hosting in the cloud allows effective protection, advanced threat detection and regulatory compliance, as well as other benefits. 

One - Enhanced data protection to help you trade with confidence 

Customer records are vital, which is why cyber-criminals want to steal yours. But, unfortunately, the protection you have at home won't protect your business. Either through a virus or ransomware attacks, a data breach shuts down your ability to trade. Even if for a day, that could spell disaster for your operation.

By hosting on the cloud, you swap your server room for a certified data centres (DC) network across the UK. Each DC has backup power supplies and mirrors the other to offer full failure resilience. They're also temperature controlled for optimal performance, with fire detection and suppression systems. Plus, operatives can only access the building through recognition.

So, that takes care of physical safety, then. But what about your logical security? inspHire's Cloud Hosting has teams of Microsoft Certified Engineers that run each DC. Installing updates 24/7, they're dedicated to protecting you from evolving threats online. All our IT services also use Enterprise-level Juniper Firewalls. In case you don't know, this is the only kind of firewall that keeps our teams happy.

Put this all together, and you get ultra-reliable connectivity and assurance that your business-critical data is secure. So, stop worrying about hackers, breaches, and fines. Transitioning your inspHire to the cloud gives you the platform to trade successfully with confidence.


Two – Reduce IT expenses with one predictable monthly fee

To operate your own IT network on-site means running with unforeseen expenses. First, your server could go down, resulting in a day's worth of lost income. But then there's the cost of replacement hardware or software fixes. Plus, call-out fees for IT consultants. Such fluctuations don't help sustain a stable business model.

What if there was a way of removing the cost of any disruption? Imagine simply paying a friendly service fee that was always the same price each month. Picture having a system that's always on and always affordable. Whatever happens, you've got everything you need to run your rental operation.

Thankfully, with inspHire's Cloud Hosting, you can. You pay an affordable fee each month for a trusted and reliable system that works. So, there are no costly hidden extras. You're left free to get on with growing your rental business.


Three – Enjoy an optimised system with automatic updates and backups

With the cloud, you access a professional state-of-the-art system. Even better, for a fraction of the price of setting it up yourself. Your system software and hardware continually streamline to deliver the best performance. So, you don't need to worry about scheduling updates. 

The same applies to making backups. Gone are the days when you need to worry about carrying it out in-house. Our cloud storage boasts best-in-class backup and recovery processes. So, your files sit on a dedicated machine in a UK data centre and duplicate to back up elsewhere. If a failure ever does happen, it's not a problem. The only decision to make is how many daily backups to keep.

So, relax and forget about system updates and downtime. With inspHire's Cloud Hosting, all you need to have access to is a web connection to use a system created and run by experts.


Four - Increase flexibility and team collaboration

To optimise your operation, you need seamless working. Plus, a fluid interchange of ideas across teams, geographies, and time zones. It builds knowledge and adds value to the projects in real-time. But without the cloud, the hardware needed is costly and time-consuming.

inspHire's Cloud Hosting provides you with smooth and secure networks, so it doesn't matter where your teams are. In addition, we support a full range of Office 365 services and features - including VOIP enabled Microsoft Teams - to help your teams collaborate and become fully cohesive. And if your employees are accessing sensitive data remotely, don't worry. We can establish security measures such as two-factor authentication. Plus, it can strip mobile devices of all data if they're lost or stolen. Ultimately, remote working has never been easier or more secure.


Five – Access unlimited resource that scales to meet demand

Growth is good, but hardware costs at any new site can cause headaches. But with inspHire's Cloud Hosting, it's no problem. Just increase the number of licenses you have, then log on from any location.

inspHire's Cloud Hosting doesn't rely on physical servers with a fixed capacity. Or space constraints. Instead, we provide you with everything you need, as and when you need it. So, there are no limits on how much power, space and memory you can use.

If you ever experience a period of high demand, we've got you covered. Likewise, we'll scale back to suit if that demand drops off. The bottom line is that you never have to pay for resources you don't need. Whatever is going on with your business, you can perfectly tailor your IT suite to suit your needs.


Six - Meet sustainability targets and reduce your carbon footprint

Running your own IT server room means you have a colossal carbon footprint. Alongside rising electricity costs. More efficient hardware with cloud computing means using less power. It's saved everywhere, from the cooling and heating mechanisms to the overall power requirements. As a result, cloud technology helps to streamline and decarbonise your business. 

You save money on energy, staff, hardware, and maintenance. In fact, on average, a company can expect to save 15% from migrating to a cloud-based system. In addition, recent surveys indicate that large companies could reduce their carbon footprint by 30% in the cloud—smaller firms by as much as 90%.

At inspHire, we're part of the Kerridge Commercial Systems group. As global providers of innovative and international best-in-class solutions, we're committed to helping our customers achieve net-zero carbon emissions. inspHire's Cloud Hosting is one of the ways we're assisting customers in stepping into a greener future. By using less and spending less, our customers see sustainability and profitability go hand-in-hand.


Who better than inspHire? 

The inspHire team know the optimal configuration and performance for your inspHire system, so who better to supply and manage the IT environment required to run it? Unfortunately, we have witnessed companies use third-parties or attempt to manage their infrastructure themselves who lack resource/knowledge of the entire process. This can resort to technical issues or your system shutting down altogether due to being outdated, resulting in downtime and an impact on your bottom line. Protect your business and let us manage the whole experience for you, so you can enjoy the freedom and security the cloud brings to you and your business.   

Whether you opt for on-premise or full SaaS, discover the benefits of cloud software today!

Get in touch with us today and find out about hosting your existing inspHire system in the cloud, or start your free trial of our flexible SaaS solution now. 


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